Owner Sharon Schenck began her career in the rug business 45 years ago in London working for two of the most renowned rug scholars in the world.

For 25 years Sharon was based in the southwest with rug stores in Santa Fe and Scottsdale. After the death of her close friend Jacqueline Vance, 16 years ago, Sharon came to New Orleans to help with the closing of the estate. She fell in love with the city and its people and decided to continue bringing the finest quality rugs to New Orleans. Thus Nola Rugs was born.

Now Sharon Schenck wishes to retire. She has sold the commercial buildings. We have a few months to sell over 2000 rugs.

Everything is on sale, pillows to palace sizes, both new and antique. All were hand selected and most were directly imported. This is the time to save.

We urge you to come in or call if you have rug needs. We still have a great selection but we expect the best rugs to go first.
300 Jefferson Hwy #401 New Orleans, LA 70121
Tel: 504 891 3304
Fax: 504 891 3383
Email: sales@nolarugs.com